Visual As-Builds

  • VE Photo Video is a visual construction documentation provider, offering photo, 360° viewing, video and webcam services to construction professionals and companies, allowing stakeholders to compare project plans with what is actually happening in the field.

    Construction Photography Services
    Delivering an interactive platform of your buildings progress and have a photographic/video record of all the steps. Comprehensive construction photography serves a purpose for every stakeholder, providing accountability, transparency and cost saving benefits from beginning to end.

  • Construction Progress Photography
    Performed at regular intervals to document all work in the vicinity of your project’s exterior and interior, from beginning to end.
    Interior Progressions track improvements from a logical perspective. Interior Progressions are designed to provide comprehensive coverage of the various trades coming together over time. Interior progressions are performed, approximately, at monthly intervals and are coordinated with the pace of erection.
  • 360° Views
    Nothing brings a business or construction project to life better than 360° Photography services. The tours lets you add interactive information spots, floating maps and floor plans. They let investors, construction managers, architects and customers step inside your the progress anytime they want and from anywhere they are. Go up. Go down. Look at the floor or ceiling. Our 360° imaging moves with your body movements as if you were there in person.
  • Utilizing our Visual Services
    Allows you to verify schedule delays, quality installation of your systems, verification of plans and specs, and code issues. This will also save the project money by enabling “virtual” walk-thru's of your project progress by your architects, engineers and consultants without leaving there office minimizing travel expenses and time.